U.S. crude oil prices rise

U.S. crude oil prices rise

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s EU.S. crude oil prices riseIA report released on Wednesday April 25 showed that as of the week of April 20, U.S. crude oil inventories increased by 270,000 barrels to 29.7 billion barrels, and the market estimated a decrease of 200,000 barrels. U.S. gasoline inventories increased by 840,000 barrels, the largest increase in eight weeks in the week of the 2nd of the month, and the market estimated a decrease of 650,000 barrels.

Oil prices rebounded in the first half of May and then declined in the second half of the month. Although bullish comments have flooded the oil market in recent weeks, the market has been affected by mixed news, with a large number of warnings that oil prices are about to fall. Analysts pointed out that although U.S. crude oil exports hit record highs to pressure oil prices, rising factors still exist. It is too early to say that the market will fall, and another situation may emerge after the OPEC meeting this month.

US crude oil production has reached 0.47 million barrels per day, setting a new monthly record, and US crude oil production has approached Russia. As a major oil producer in the world, with the lifting of the US crude oil export ban, more crude oil will inevitably flow into the market, which will continue to put pressure on crude oil fundamentals.

Control risks in advance and know how to find buying and selling points. This means that you have found a channel for spot crude oil to enter the market. The key is how to trade. Whether or not spot crude oil investment makes money does not depend on whether it keeps up with the main force, nor whether it has received reliable information. The real reason is not knowing how to make the operation.

According to the report, the bombing attack was aimed at a batch of arms and weapons recently delivered by Iran, and the bombing attack is also considered to be the latest development of the conflict between Israel and Iran, which shows that the war between Israel and Iran is about to break out. .

Many investment banks such as Bank of AmU.S. crude oil prices riseerica Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase are very optimistic about the prospects of oil prices. However, Schofield, an analyst at Citigroup's global strategy department, issued a warning that rising crude oil prices have caused concerns about the resumption of inflation; at the same time, economic growth has shown signs of slowing down, and concerns about stagnant inflation have also arisen from this. He said that soaring oil prices and slowing economic growth, coupled with stagnant inflation, will constitute an extremely harsh environment and put financial market participants facing greater risks.

Chasing orders in the process of spot crude oil investment is a more common method. However, chasing orders means increased risks. For novices who invest in spot crude oil, when to chase orders and how to chase orders becomes a difficult problem. Talk about investment tracking skills.

Therefore, it can be seen that there are not many news on crude oil this week. Temporary positives or negatives can only bring about short-term market fluctuations. More follow-up developments of the above three points are required, compared with the strength of last week. Rising, crude oil this week is more likely to be a high-level consolidation. On the one hand, the news is insufficient, and on the other hand, it also takes time for the market to digest the previous surge in the market. At the same time, crude oil also needs time to stabilize at the 70 mark. Therefore, on the whole, the trend of crude oil this week should be adjusted mainly by shocks, while retaining a bullish general direction.