U.S. dollar crude oil

U.S. dollar crude oil

The International Energy Agency pointed out that since May, global oil production has increased by 400,000 barrels perU.S. dollar crude oil day, which helped the average daily growth rate of oil inventories reach 500,000 barrels in the second quarter, which may still be the case in the third quarter. Due to the existence of a large amount of oil storage and high oil production, there is no danger of shortage in the oil market.

The continuous rise of domestic oil prices has been criticized and criticized by the general public. From the yuan per liter in July 2008 to the current 4 yuan per liter. At the same time, international oil prices are falling. In 2008, the international oil price was US$425, which dropped to US$729 today. International oil prices have fallen by 47% in ten years, while domestic oil prices have risen by 5%. In the same period, the U.S. oil price is equivalent to RMB 49 per liter to RMB per liter, and the price includes tax.

Crude oil prices fell below 60 US dollars, long support is weak, oil prices may continue to be bearish next week. As CFTC data showed that crude oil investors' net long positions decreased, short-selling activities soared 29% and hit a new high since October 207.

According to EIA estimates, the average daily output of the United States next year is expected to reach 500,000 barrels per day, exceeding this year’s 0.7 million barrels per day. The surge in U.S. oil production has directly brought about a significant increase in oil export demand and export volume. Once the volume of US oil exports goes up, it means that LNG shipbuilding orders and shipping business will increase significantly.

If it is implemented as planned to allow Iranian crude oil to be exported to zero, then it will be opposed by countries all over the world and Iran will threaten to block the Strait of Hormuz; if sanctions are abandoned, the United States will lose face and there will be no talk in the future. The country is willing to listen. Therefore, the United States can only choose a compromise. It not only implements sanctions, but also issues exemptions, so that the voice of opposition is reduced and the sanctions continue.

A Canadian Syncrude spokeU.S. dollar crude oilsperson said that after power outages at the oil sands facility near Fort McMurray last week, oil production is expected to be suspended until July. Canada's suspension of oil supply is likely to lead to a shortage of supply in North America and reduce inventories in Cushing, Oklahoma, thereby affecting oil prices.

Constantly look at the same graph, look at the same type of graph, look at the past graphs that have become history, look at the whole picture of big rises and falls, and look at the graphs that are walking. Look at the specific movements of the big rises and falls. The process, every time I look at it, I feel different.

Abstract: In recent days, tensions between the United States and Iran have intensified. Analyses have shown that if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, oil prices will rise to $250. Regarding the U.S. ban on importing Iranian crude oil, the domineering choice ignores and even trades in another way.