Crude oil contract opening price

Crude oil contract opening price

This is not the first time South Korea has succumbed to Trump. In 207, Trump severely accused South Korea of ​​having a trade surplus with the United States. At that time, a South Korean government official responded that South Korea will consider whether there is roomCrude oil contract opening price to increase energy purchases from the United States. A few months later, the Korean Ministry of Energy

At the same time, US shale oil production continues to rise at an alarming rate. There is no denying that the pipeline bottleneck problem will greatly reduce the growth rate of US production, but any decline in US supply has not yet been reflected in the data.

Oil has always been an important industry dominating the Saudi economy. The oil industry’s revenue accounts for approximately 75% of the government’s total revenue, 40% of the GDP, and 90% of export revenue. This has led to the abnormal development of Saudi Arabia's economy and its poor ability to resist risks.

Zhou Libya’s National Petroleum Corporation announced that the other two eastern oil ports of Zueitina and Hariga have encountered force majeure, and all crude oil exports to the east have been suspended. Because the Libyan National Army, which controls the area, prevented ships from entering the port, Libyan crude oil production fell to a quarter of the previous output, which was about 0 million barrels per day.

According to data released by the American Petroleum Institute API on Thursday, the US API crude oil inventory unexpectedly increased by 2.69 million barrels in the week ending on 0 7th, recording the largest increase in six months and is expected to increase by 260,000 barrels. API gasoline inventories increased by 680,000 barrels, while refined oil inventories fell by 4.57 million barrels. API Cushing's inventory unexpectedly fell by 20,000 barrels.

The GMMA long-term group moving average is fully divergent, which shows that investors' support for the upward trend is continuous and strong. When prices fall, investors enter the market as buyers. This is the most consistent trend support behavior shownCrude oil contract opening price by the GMMA indicator on the oil price chart in the recent 0 years.

According to EIA estimates, the world will consume 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil in 208, but the new output of traditional energy sources including liquid oil and natural gas was only 6.7 billion barrels in 207, and it basically showed a downward trend year by year.

How to grasp the trend of spot crude oil? In the process of spot crude oil spot trading, the judgment of the trend is a very important step. However, many investor friends still did not grasp the method to determine the position of the turning point, which resulted in some losses or relatively low profits. So how to judge the trend of spot crude oil, we can look at the following methods. Method The angle of the most recent decline and increase in spot crude oil transactions is compared with the angle of the last decline and increase. The angle represents speed and efficiency. If the angle becomes slower, it indicates a deviation in efficiency. This deviation is based on the reduction in the efficiency of the forces that maintain the original trend, and the internal forces of the original trend have undergone changes that are unfavorable to maintain the original trend. Method The magnitude of the latest drop and rise in spot crude oil transactions is compared with the magnitude of the last fall and rise. Amplitude represents overall strength, represents effect, represents endurance. If the amplitude decreases, it indicates that there has been a deviation of the overall scale of power. This deviation is due to the decrease in endurance that the original trend has been maintained, and the overall strength failure. Methods Compare the angle and magnitude of the latest rebound and callback with the angle and magnitude of the last rebound in spot crude oil trading. If the amplitude is the same, but the angle increases. Or the angle is the same, but the amplitude increases, or both the amplitude and the angle increase, which indicates that the counter-trend force is increasing, and it may form an inflection point. You can wait for another decline or rise before taking action. This is another form of divergence, the divergence of counter-trend forces, which can be called anti-divergence. Of course, it is best to compare the angle and magnitude of the rise and fall again with the last fall and rise, but anti-divergence can be predicted in advance and attention to possible divergence. How to grasp the trend of spot crude oil trading? Judging the trend of spot crude oil trading is very important to the choice of investment direction. If the trend is selected correctly, then the profit is certain, but if the choice is wrong, then we are only waiting for us. Lost. For many investors who are just beginning to enter the silver market, it is indeed difficult to accurately determine the turning point, but they will gradually grasp the inflection point by groping slowly in the spot crude oil transaction. There are many experience and skills in spot crude oil investment, but to grasp your own mentality is the first thing to do, and then to learn various operating skills. For individual investors, the best way to make great progress is to find a reliable and in-depth communication platform, and always give yourself correct advice and guidance.

Japan is also a major energy importer, 90% of its energy is imported from the Middle East, and it maintains friendly relations with Iran all year round. But at the same time, Japan also has good relations with the United States. Japan chose not to heed the warnings of the United States. On the surface, they negotiated with the United States for immunity, but secretly signed an oil purchase agreement with Iran. Ready to import large quantities of low-priced Iranian oil.

The largest European refiner, Total in France, said it does not intend to apply for an exemption. Italian refiner Eni also stated that it also has a contract with Iran to import 2 million barrels of oil per month, which will expire at the end of this year.

Iran’s crude oil exports in April were 2.45 million barrels per day, of which 80,000 barrels per day were exported to Asia, which is the largest destination. For the purpose of diversifying the source of crude oil, Japan and South Korea have already begun to reduce their imports of Iranian oil. These two countries are most likely to abide by the U.S. policy toward Iran. When sanctions were imposed on Iran in 202, they did not participate. After the sanctions are restored this time, it is expected that they will still be a favorable buyer position for Iran’s sufficient crude oil supplCrude oil contract opening pricey.