Crude oil contract

Crude oil contract

U.S. President Trump tweeted within days: OPEC is doing something again! The crude oil reserves of countries around the world have repeatedly set record highCrude oil contracts, and the tankers at sea are also fully loaded. The price of oil has been artificially raised, which has no benefit and is unacceptable!

For Rouhani, the United States sanctions against Iran on the 4th is the most difficult day. If Rouhani fails to handle domestic affairs well, the position of the president may not be preserved. After all, the position of former President Ahmadinejad was so lost.

In addition, the current highway toll standards will also be raised, which is very detrimental to many car owners who often go on high speeds, especially some large trucks. Even if the oil price drops and the high-speed toll standard increases, the total driving cost has not come down.

For example, Novatek, Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosneft Pipeline Transportation, and SIBUR Holdings are all interested in developing economic and trade relations and are currently cooperating in large-scale joint projects.

Affected by international oil prices, domestic refined oil prices have also fallen. After the price of gasoline and diesel was lowered by RMB 75/ton and RMB 65/ton respectively on the 2nd, the price of refined oil was lowered again, and the reduction was not small.

In recent times, the focus of the crude oil market has focused on changes in the situation in the Middle East. The Middle East, which is the world's most important place for crude oil resources, has caused the market to smell a bit of war due to the recent turmoil in Syria, and Trump announced some time ago that it will tear it apart. The Iran nuclear agreement means that Iran may regain nuclear weapons, and the entire Middle East region will be enveloped in nuclear threats. Small-scale wars are estimated to be inevitable, and even more so, there is a crisis of oil cut. If continuing conflicts really break out in the Middle East because of the Iranian nuclear issue, the crude oil market will be greatly affecteCrude oil contractd, and crude oil prices will inevitably soar. And on May 2, Trump will announce the final result of the Iran nuclear agreement, which is also the point in time when the market currently believes that crude oil prices will explode.

The current crude oil oscillates pattern, with weekly short positions and daily stops. Today, we look at the range for consolidation. The pressure on the top is at 45, the focus is on the 42/area, and the pace of adjustment is maintained below, and the upward breakthrough continues to see the impact near the high point of 40 yesterday and Wednesday; the bottom support is 446, and the key is 4. Operational recommendations are anti-pumping pressure 442 to go short, target 4-46, below 44 as the key to participate in multiple positions! Intraday spot crude oil trading reminder-intraday news, Beijing time 8:00-20: 00, OPEC A monthly report on the crude oil market will be released. Although the impact of EIA, IEA, and OPEC this week has been diluted by the US general election, it is still the focus of attention at the turning point of oil prices.

Earlier, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, and at the same time asked other major oil-producing countries to expand production to make up for the Iranian crude oil gap. In order to isolate Iran and cut off its economic sources, the US government requires other countries to stop importing Iranian crude oil, otherwise it will incur US sanctions. However, since Iran is OPEC's third largest oil producer, its crude oil export volume has reached 2.6 million barrels per day. To maintain the balance of the current global oil market, this part of crude oil export volume is indispensable, otherwise it will further push up. Oil prices. With the approaching of the 208 midterm elections, Trump is concerned that excessively high oil prices may have an impact on the United States during the previous summer peak travel period, thereby adversely affecting the Republican midterm elections.

Mike Davis, ICE's head of oil market development, said that ICE welcomes any industry's decision to support the physical basis of Brent crude oil. Davis said: Every investor involved in Brent crude oil knows the future potential of Sverdrup.