Alaska crude oil prices

Alaska crude oil prices

However, influenced by international oil prices, Zhuo Chuang Information stated that as of the close of the market on July 7, the current price of refined oAlaska crude oil pricesil has been reduced by RMB 00/ton. The possibility of a sharp rebound in oil prices in the near future is low. Therefore, the downward adjustment of domestic refined oil prices next Monday is irreversible. Zhuo Chuang Information estimates that 92 gasoline will be reduced by 0.08 yuan/liter, and 0 diesel will be reduced by 0.09 yuan/liter. After the price adjustment, car owners will spend about 4 yuan less to fill a box of 92 gasoline.

After the last Iranian sanctions, there has been a trick to bypass the United States and continue to buy Iranian oil. India is also increasing imports of Iranian oil, but the country is also increasing imports of American oil. Even Japan, which has always respected the United States, said it would discuss with the United States to continue importing Iranian oil.

This trend has been reflected in recent price movements. Russia seems to want a more aggressive push to increase production. Earlier there was news that Russia wanted to increase production by 0 million barrels per day, and recently there was news that Russia seemed to want to increase production by 800,000 barrels per day, which meant that the production reduction agreement signed at the end of 206 was completely erased. But what is certain is that some countries, such as Angola, Mexico and Venezuela, will find it difficult to return to their previous production in the future.

Fitch said that it has raised its expectations for oil prices in 208 and 209. It predicts that the average price of Brent crude oil in 208 will reach US$70 and US$65 in 209, which is significantly higher than the previous forecast of US$55 for the two years. increase.

According to the duration of the interruption, oil supply in the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions may tighten, which should support Brent crude oil prices. Commerzbank analysts wrote in a report that there are approximately 4.8 million barrels of crude oil and Petroleum products are transported through the strait, accounting for about 0% of the total marine oil.

Turkey is another major importer of Iranian crude oil. In June last year, it significantly reduced its purchases: Between May and June, Iran’s imports fell from about 220,000 barrels/day to 10,000 barrels/day. The gap was passed from Iraq and Russia. Import to make up. Turkey may follow the United States, but the recent diplomatic conflict between the United States and Turkey has intensified. Coupled with Turkey’s high inflation and the shaky economy, Turkey may continue to impoAlaska crude oil pricesrt cheap Iranian crude oil. Iran is Turkey's main energy source. In the first six months of 208, Iranian crude oil accounted for 49% of Turkey's imports.

Due to the lack of news on Friday, as far as the crude oil trend is concerned, the focus of Friday's market may still be on the trend of the dollar. At the same time, we must continue to pay attention to the changes in risk sentiment in the market. So far, crude oil prices have been recorded at US$620 as of press time, and the market has not shown obvious fluctuations. Although it is close to the US$68 line, if the U.S. index rebounds further in the future, I am afraid that oil prices will continue to fall further. However, combined with the recent trend of the U.S. dollar, last night Although the U.S. index rebounded strongly, it failed to break through the 90-line. If the U.S. index market is suppressed by the 90-line again, it will help crude oil prices to stabilize at $68, while also providing further support for the trend of crude oil next week.

In addition, the International Energy Agency pointed out that the United States is showing signs of protectionism, which is a risk in forecasting oil demand, which increases the possibility of a global trade war. The slowdown in global trade will have serious consequences, especially for oil.