Crude Oil Trading Conference

Crude Oil Trading Conference

It is expected that the United States is likely to negotiate an attempt to reduce Iranian crude oil imports. If the Trump administration succeeds in persuading, then crude oil prices will rise. If the current Iranian crude oil imports are maintained or increased, the oil prices pushed up by TCrude Oil Trading Conferencerump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement will gradually decline.

Earlier, the author proposed that Saudi Aramco’s acquisition is intended to reduce its dependence on oil revenues and pave the way for the impact of further production cuts. Now this acquisition has been initially completed, perhaps Saudi Arabia will implement the reduction of production until the end of 209. Speech.

Since 207, OPEC, referred to as OPEC’s OPEC, referred to as OPEC led by OPEC, referred to as OPEC, initiated a voluntary supply restriction aimed at supporting oil prices, but Olaflin said Due to political and economic turmoil, Venezuela’s decline in oil production is a factor supporting oil prices.

In recent months, the scale of Russian crude oil exports to Europe has decreased significantly. In contrast, Russia's crude oil delivery has soared, and the export volume at the beginning of the year even doubled from the same period last year. Bloomberg pointed out that it is surpassing Europe to become the number one buyer of Russian crude oil in the international market.

Anyone who has worked in the spot crude oil market knows that non-agricultural has a huge impact on spot crude oil price trends, and prices often fluctuate significantly before and after data is released. In order to allow investors to better profit from non-agricultural, we will next in-depth analysis of the impact of non-agricultural data on oil prices.

Other analysts said that the latest fundamental data from the US Energy Information Administration and other factors strongly suggest that the market isCrude Oil Trading Conference turning bullish on crude oil. The analyst expects that oil prices will bottom out and rebound, with an increase of 50% or more.

Judging from the current crude oil trend, it is temporarily impossible to see the clear trend of the subsequent crude oil. In the daily chart, the Bollinger Band Sangui is still maintaining a continuous downward trend. The middle rail is about to cross the 67 line, and the middle rail continues to fall. For oil prices, it will bring further downward pressure. On the other hand, although the recent market has reduced its decline and once maintained a shock in the 65-66 range, the Bollinger Bands lower track has not flattened and slowed down. This may imply that the market outlook is more likely to fall.

In addition, it is reported that the Houthis have recently stepped up their missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. This means that with the intensification of sanctions, Iran may take more countermeasures, which will lead to escalation of shocks in the region, which in turn will have an impact on oil prices.